Stop Procrastinating!

I set some goals which I wanted to complete or achieve.

Some of which are :

  1. Have my Hap A + B injection done.
  2. Resume my regular Dentist visit (I stopped since I was pregnant, I used to go twice a year).
  3. Change my mailing address for my banks,insurance etc
  4. Learn Driving & get my license

Till date, my results are :

  1. Took 2 course of my injection, having the last one in Nov. Yeah!
  2. Finally scheduled my dentist appointment this week. Argh…think have to be on the chair hearing all the awful sound for at least half an hour..Plagues are hard to removed after so long!
  3. Changed most of the mailing address, except for my insurance policies and one of the credit cards. I kept forgetting to give them a call during working hours!
  4. I have to stop procrastinating about this!

Dahda! As the title of this post stated, I have to STOP PROCRASTINATING about my driving lessons! I have to retake my advance theory (which my passed result had already expired long ago), start taking my lessons and go for my test!

I am reading this Adam Khoo’s book and one of his points strikes me, hard. He mentioned in the book about how alot of people did not achieve their goals, because the goals are more like a wish than a MUST. When we are left with NO CHOICE to succeed, things become a MUST for us. Until then, we will usually continue putting things off until it becomes an “absolute must” one day.

I had retrieved my basic driving test results at least. The next step for me is to account for my finances and start taking my advance theory plus taking up all the lessons. Maybe I do feel heartpain about the money, but this driving thing had been a very heavy issue in my heart recently. And I know I must do it or I will never feel satisfied.

I decided to blog this because I want to be accountable for what I want to do. Least I want is when friends start asking about my driving and I tell them I haven’t done anything about it at all.

Goodbye to my future $2000 or so… damn! I could have a good holiday with that amount of money. But the license will be priceless. =)


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