Steps on her own!

Eva had been walking (instead of crawling) since she was about 8-9 months old.  She would reach out for our hands and balanced herself with our hands as support and walked through the whole house.  We got kind of worried because she seem to be skipping the step of crawling!

Dawn walked on her own before she turn 1 year and hence I had the anxiety when Eva still wanted to rely on our hands even after she turned 1 year old. She was afraid to let go of our hands to try on her own.

And finally, she learnt to let go of her hands (It’s the “bad” mummy again, whom deliberately let go of her hands last night) and have the courage to walk!

See how thrilled Eva is, with her new found freedom!

And the excited Jie Jie…who said that she is so proud of Eva.  I guess Dawn really witness the milestones of meimei and found it amazing when meimei learns to do things which Dawn already knows how to do them all along. 🙂

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