Some folks are just sad…

I do not know how to title this post …..

And the reason why I had to write this, was, I really cannot understand the mentality of some folks.

They can belong to the group who earn more than an average Singaporean, high flyer, many years in the company, have a profession which clients need to have confident with them, YET, their character can be the worst of a kind.

They can complain EVERY SINGLE thing, expect staff to TREAT them like royalty, PULL strings that we know that doesn’t exist or work, and WANT to be treated SO DIFFERENTLY from the rest of their peers. They can also go all the way to CHEAT silly things that is totally not worth to, making work so DIFFICULT for the staff.

Trust me, if I know that my doctor, my lawyer, or someone whom I trust my financial profile with, is behaving such a way with others (Won’t be treating me like this directly because I am his client), I will be really disgusted.

“People who are so FULL of themselves had become FOOLS”

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