Sleeping Patterns

Dawn is coming 8 months. Yet her sleeping patterns at night still causes me many sleepless nights. She still wakes up for her night feed. Sometimes twice! I have only like 4-5 hours of sleep every night.

I seeked help from books and online articles but I realised that not one method works perfectly for my little Dawn. Someday one method can work, but the same method may not work on the other days.

I must confess that there were nights where I really lost my cool. 🙁

The reason I started blogging about this today is, Dawn took her afternoon nap without patting! To me, it was an amazing surprise. I was just holding her and she was minding her own business (kids nowadays really do have a mind of their own!), and when I put her down the cot, she just closed her eyes and wander to her dreamland. First time! If only it is so easy everyday!

I must remember that babies have their own schedules sometimes. They need time to quiet down, need time to settle down and need time to drift to sleep. So while I am very anxious that Dawn can sleep immediately when I tell her it’s bedtime, I have to understand that she needs time to wind down too.

Cheers to motherhood! Cheers to learning to be a better mom!


  1. Mahima says:

    I’ve always been terrified of little kids, to the extent that I started hating them. My friends keep on telling me I’ll make a mom who is either plain horrible, or a soccer mom. Coming across such articles makes me feel that perhaps, kids aren’t that bad after all!! Not that I’m in love with them, but perhaps, if i gave them a chance and actually chilled with a baby….

  2. Peach says:

    Hey Mahima, Don’t worry so much about it. When the time comes, patience will also come. Mothers are given so much strength that we can never imagine. I was also very afraid of handling kids..I think they are little monsters..haha..but they are just some innocent minds and they really can open our perspective of many things.

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