On my way home from work today, in that span of 1 hour, I saw :

In a crowded train, a father carrying a pink barbie doll bag on his back, with his girl sitting somewhere in the cabin.

At the traffic junction, a father on a bicycle, with his son at the back in the child seat.  It was raining heavily, and the son was sitting quietly in his seat, and seemed not bothered by the rain drops hitting on his face.

On the pavement, a father carrying his girl in his arms with 1 hand and the other hand holding an umbrella over their heads.

Very common sights, issn’t? But it meant alot to me.

To the father who carried that pink bag, you are awesome.  You carried that pinky stuff on your back boldly because it looks heavy on your daughter’s shoulder.

To the father on the bicycle, you are the man.  You taught your son how to be a man and is a total opposite from worrying mothers who over-protect the kids and deprive them from the simple joy of playing in the rain.

To the father with the umbrella, you are wonderful. Balancing an active child, a small schoolbag and an umbrella sounds like the job of a clown but you did it pretty well, and you didn’t look like a clown at all. 

Apart from these, I saw another sight.  A woman, whom could be the mother or the grandmother (or nanny?!!), exclaimed this to her son / grandson :


[it means : It always rain when I bring you out for dinner. It’s so troublesome! You don’t eat dinner (next time it rains)!] 

I was in shock. Rain also the poor kid’s fault meh?!! 🙁


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