She done it!

It’s been some time since I last blogged.

Dawn “survived” through her 2nd major injection without a fever running…tough girl she is and going to be =)

Wow, she’s coming 5 mths now…now is 6.5 cm and 5.5kg. And, she finally does her flip on 1st June! That is, turning herself from her back to her tummy.

I realised that it’s becoming a headache once she knows how to do her flip. I am having sleepless nights! Constantly worried that she will flip by herself and knock her already-flat nose on the bed. My panda eyes are so visible and I need strong coffee in the morning so that I can concentrate working.

I managed to watch Shrek 3. It’s sooooooo funny! It’s a great relaxer and a joy to watch Shrek 3….

So…what had I been busy with lately that could take me out of MSN and blogging? Eh…gaming..what else…haha! Been trying Granado Espada since its on free open beta now. So far so good.. Will post more if I have some nice screenshots!

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