School Starts!

I was so happy when I received a call from the childcare centre on 31 Dec 2009 morning, that there’s an available place for Dawn !  A very delighted way to end my 2009 indeed!  Previously, I had called all the childcare centres near my place and being not the very-kiasu mum, I was horrified to know that I have to place Dawn in waiting list and my waiting number is as far as 200+ in one of the childcare centre!

I quickly accepted the offer and went down to the centre to do the registration on 2nd Jan 2010.  As there were things to get ready, it was rushed but I think it’s worth the effort.

So today, 04 Jan 2010, a day where all schools reopens, Dawn goes to school too!


Look at her bag! So big! But actually it is quite light if it’s without the water bottle.  It contains the towel, clothes, toothbrush, mug etc.


Happy Dawn!


The centre only allows 1 parent to go into the school so I left after a while, leaving my mum with her…, should have leave for work from there and save my childcare leave 🙁

Dawn sitting there and daydreaming. What is Grandma looking at?


Oh, she was so happy that there’s food and when the teacher asked other kids whether they want breakfast, Dawn nodded to the teacher and tells me “Mama, Dawn Dawn wants to eat”. 😀

And I think we had taught Dawn well as she knows how to hold her bowl and feed herself.


Just hope that she will stay strong and happy.  I am rather worried about the “sick period”, but hopefully Dawn is strong!

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