Rice or Fish?

During our dinner @ Tampopo

Me : (Finished my dinner and looking at Dawn who was happily eating her rice with cod fish & Tofu)

Me : Dawn Dawn, Mummy wants fish, can you give me some fish?

Dawn : (Without hesitation, scooped up a spoonful of rice)

Me : No No, Mummy wants fish, not rice.

Dawn : (poured the rice back to the bowl and scooped up a piece of fish)

This was not surprising act from Dawn because she is willing to share and will share her things.  But what really surprise me is what she did after she scooped up the fish.




There were 3 grains of rice stuck to the fish which she scooped. And because I said I do not want rice…….

Dawn : (removed the 3 grains of rice one by one using her left fingers)

Me : (Amazed Look, exchanging looks with Dear who was also looking at Dawn)

Dawn : (Lift up the spoon which only contain that piece of fish and offer to me)



Heart melted

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