Rainbow & Superwoman

Always wanted to see that rainbow together with you.

But didn’t had the chance. and never will have chance.

I saw it today….and you were at the other corner of the island.

And that very moment, your song came on the cd-player….

I thought of you…and how foolish we were.

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  1. Guan says:

    Dar… this is a “remix” of the lyrics I’ve done up quite some time ago. This is a mixture of the original version and the chinese version. Hope u like it…ps: sing it to the tune of the chinese ver….(Woman)Early in the morningI put breakfast at your tableAnd make sure that your coffeeHas its sugar and creamYour eggs are over easyYour toast done lightlyAll that’s missing is your morning kissThat used to greet me(Man)想要找回每天早晨 对我微笑着的你还能够 做些什么代替我的歉意总是望着我 小心翼翼 顺着我呼吸而我竟然理所当然 让你精疲力尽Chorus(Man)You Were My Super Woman安静的在身边 无条件给我 梦寐以求的温柔(Woman)Boy, I am only humanThis girl needs more than occasional hugsAs a token of love from you to me, ooh, baby(Woman)I fought my way through the rush hourTrying to make it home just for youI want to make sure that your dinnerWill be waiting for youBut when you get there you just tell meYou’re not hungry at allYou said you’d rather read the paperAnd you don’t want to talk(Man)是我忽略了你也会有 想要哭的感觉没有一种付出应该永远心甘情愿再给被宠坏的男人最后一次机会换我忍耐换我等待 不要真的弃权Chorus(Together)You Are My Super WomanOoh~ Ho~安静的在身边 无条件给我 梦寐以求的温柔But I Am Only Human Er He~我怎么不懂你多寂寞 残忍的犯了错不能失去你(Woman)Oh, baby, look into the corners of your mindI’ll always be there for you through good and bad times(Man)心里唯一的 Super Woman 没有人能代替不能想像更不原谅这样让爱化成 灰烬(Chorus)(Together)You Are My Super WomanOoh~ Ho~安静的在身边 无条件给我 梦寐以求的温柔But I Am Only Human (是我只是一个 只是一个人)我怎么不懂你多寂寞 残忍的犯了错不能失去你 He-Ooh~(Woman)If you feel it in your heartAnd you understand meStop right where you areEverybody sing along with me(Chorus)(Together)You Are My Super WomanOoh~ Ho~安静的在身边 (在身边) 无条件给我 (无条件给我) 梦寐以求的温柔But I Am Only Human (Hai Human, Hu Hu Hu Hu Man~)我怎么不懂你多寂寞 残忍的犯了错不能失去你You Are My Super WomanOoh~ Oh Yes You Are(Woman)I’m not the kind of girl that you can let down And think that everything’s okay(Man)But I Am Only Human (Human) Mmm Mmm~(Together)我怎么不懂你多寂寞 残忍的犯了错不能失去你

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