Pretty Dawn

I think it’s really the nature of woman to want to be pretty.  It start from a very young age, as young as 1 year old!

Sometime back, Dawn had been seeing my mom using the curlers to curl her hair.  And Dawn, who might have thought that it’s a pretty thing to do, she followed what my mom did too!


And a few days back, I tied her hair successfully for the first time.  Usually she will take off the clips or the rubber bands as soon as I put on her hair.  I managed to tie a little ponytail at the side and I realised that its quite difficult to tie her hair properly because her hair is so soft and thin.

Anyway, she posed when I wanted to take a photo of her!


Did she melt your heart? 😀

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  1. jenn3 says:

    How sweet! She’s very cute. It’s funny how young they like to look pretty. I guess it’s a girl thing. My little girl always beams and prances around (right before pulling the bow out of her hair).

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