It’s a busy season for me again. For the past 7 years, June-Oct period is the busiest period for my work. Over the years, it got worst. When I first join this company, my department was only 7 staff strong. Now, we have more than doubled the number and yet we are still as busy. Till the extent that I do not even have time for a loo visit -.-

Was asked to help out in a 1-week overseas project. It was damn tiring..but I was glad that I was given a room by myself, at least I do not have to put up with someone’s else untidiness and fighting over morning wash-up. And of cos the snorings…hehe..

There were happy and angry times during this trip…angry over the insensitiveness of some colleagues. Not going to bitch about much in here though..

Oh ya..I had a good drinking session on the last night…was kind of forced to drink because the guys were playing the 5-10 game. I pretty surprised that I can still hold beer quite well! Was also almost pull to the dance floor, but I stuck my butt on the chair, for obvious reasons. I don’t want to show people lumps of fats jumping away on the dance floor…it will be a talk of the whole office in no time.

But of ‘cos I missed Dawn. I was worried that she will not recognised me after not seeing me for 6 days. But I am so touched when I stood still and look at her, she flashed me a big smile after realising who I am. She’s such a darling!

I didn’t have much time to shop though. It’s so freaking cheap there! I wished I had all the time to shop. I got an original Disney shirt for Dawn for 5 Ringgit!

Enough about the overseas project…I missed my promotion this year…expected la..so I was not disappointed. Who will promote someone who went on maternity leave? Even though my boss told me it’s not because of those maternity leave (but because “they have timely plans for everyone – DUH -.-)……whatever..

I got a 3.5 mths bonus this year..not too bad, but still..left with none after settling all the bills ..damn it!

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