Nongsa Village @ Batam : 28-30 Sep 2008

Wah! Finally can post this! I had been encountering network issue these few days andI am at the verge of changing my hostingserver.  It’s super irritating when uploading a photo takes more than 3 mins and I cannot do a proper post.

Went for  a short getaway with Dear, Dawn, Ber and Jiji during the week where my parents went to Japan.  I had to take 1 week leave to take care of Dawn while my parents were away, so it’s nice that everyone is able to accommodate to these dates so that I do not have to take extra leave for this getaway.

There wasn’t very much information in the internet about Nongsa Village, but the few pages that we googled about had much praises for Nongsa.  With the very affordable price for the villa, we decided that it’s not too bad a choice.

It was a very laid-back holiday.  The place is perfect for a “nua-ing” holiday.  You can just stay in the villa to do nothing, but with lots of chips and TV.  Or, you can read a book or have a beer at the balcony which looks at the sea.  How nice right?! And a nice walk at the beach in the early morning is a refreshing start for the day.

It will be good if we had bought over more food to prepare ourselves.  And it’s a must to bring those mosquitoes coils or repellent.




↑ Our Villa, it is quite big right!  But I thought the entrance will face the sea, so that you can just open the door and walk down to the beach and sea. Instead, they have their entrance at the back, so that their balcony face the sea instead.  Not too bad too, ‘cos it’s nice to sit under the stars, drink a beer and enjoy the sea breeze at night.


↑ Our bedroom.  Quite spacious, but the beds are 2 single beds combined ..and very “squeaky”.  If I move alittle when sleeping, it will make such a loud squeak that I will be so worried that Dawn will wake up. And the aircon was very noisy most of the time ><;

Nongsa1 Nongsa11

↑ The kitchen and the dining room.  The kitchen is quite well equipped.  There’s a good medium-size fridge, rice cooker, microwave, oven and electric kettle. Numerous plates, bowls, utensils and cooking wares.  Hey, the plates and bowls were bought from Ikea leh!


↑ See the things on our table in the Kitchen! 😀


↑ The living room, aircon was spoilt but it was not too bad because the aircon in the dining room is working.  But I went with an expectation that the living room is ventilated by fans, because their website said so.  So it was quite a nice surprise that there’s aircon in the living and dining room.  The reception for the TV channels were very, it got worst during raining days. But better than no TV lor, so no complains…we still can watch the live telecast of the F1 race on Sunday!


↑ The balcony. But we didn’t have our beer here because I am scare of the insects flying around at night.  Got alot of beetles, mosquitoes, ants, big lizards and even bats! [shiver]


↑ The villa surroundings, our neighbours!






↑ The sea and the beach.  It’s a nice walk in the morning.  I thought we can build sand-castles but it started raining when we reached the villa on the 1st day. After that, we got lazy. ><;


↑ Dawn was thrilled with her bed.  I am really thankful that she is an easy young traveller.  She can sleep in the cot provided without fuss. 😀



↑ The Nasi Goreng for my dinner and the A&W for our lunch. The nasi goreng is quite nice la. And the A&W brought us back memories.  😀


↑ Our super supper cook.  His specialty : instant noodles. Smell very nice de hor! See how Ber cannot tahan when he refused to take supper on the 1st night! He ended up taking supper on the 2nd night! ↓


Nongsa30 Nongsa29

↑ Jiji keeping Dawn busy with mummy’s PSP. See how concentrated this future little gamer was? 😀


↑ Ber with Dawn. Can you see the mosquito bites on Dawn’s place? Quite bad 🙁

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