Wow, I realised that I had been watching quite alot of movies movie every week! It’s nice to be out once a while, free from the bawling and cries. Mummy needs a break too, you know?

Recent movies watched :

1) Ghostrider
2) The pursuit of Happiness
3) Letters of Iwo Jima
4) 300

Best show? I guess it should be 300. Letters of Iwo Jima was too brutal…silly me cried when the Japanese committed suicide by bombing themselves. Haiz, always cry for war shows. It’s just plain sad. I wish I never have to go through any kind of war. War between human is so cruel. Fighting for survival by splashing blood. Yucks!

The Pursuit of Happiness has lessons to learn from it.

There’s nothing worth mentioning about Ghostrider. Maybe it should be GhostLousyrider! 😀

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