Yes, feeling very miserable now.

I am having Hives outbreak since Tuesday Night.  It’s super itchy, ugly and swollen. Had to return to the doc to take the jab today.  It was so painful taking the jab because my skin is already very sensitive to touch.

Doctor cannot determine the exact reason for this hives attack, which is usually the case because hives can be a result of many factors.  But he told me the my stress level, the contact to dusts due to site visit which I went on Tuesday afternoon could be the reason for this attack.

It’s all not worth it lo!  Have to work so hard to get the bread and butter, now still have to suffer because I wanted to be responsible in my work.  🙁

Took some photos of the ugly hives..these are only part of the hives, imagine the whole body are full of these 🙁





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