jOURney so far

I have nothing to expect…. because I am already contented.  Life may not be in that expected perfection, but is it a life or is it a journey?

This journey had been tough so far, but it could be much tougher without you.

I know I had burdened you somehow someway for sure, but you had always told me I had not.

Certain words are so hard to be said, to really describe the real feelings and thoughts within.

Tears are warm and they meant something more than joy.

The sunny flowers made me look like a silly girl infront of the delivery man (who is also the florist boss and his personal friend! -.-), but who will not feel silly-ly loved with the sight of the big bouquet?

Knowing that these flowers cannot be kept for long, who will still bear to spend that kind of money? I knew he did it for me.

Thanks baby, for this surprise (yah, good job for sending it on Thursday instead of Friday), for this to keep me smiling in the midst of the stressful job, for this thought, for this love.


↑ ↓ sunny flowers! 1 to cheer the day, 3 to say he loves me, 12 to say be happy cos he loves me! :p


Weeks before, I had some cheap thrill while we had a lazy afternoon.  Trying to see how well we can cooperate to make the heart shape with our hands.

First try :


Not too bad for a 1st-timer la, out of shaped..and a fat heart 😡

Try again :


Nice boh! quite nice liao la! hand almost got cramp can?! it’s hard to do that and taking the photo using the phone!


Cheap thrill can be nice once a while..doing silly things together can be very fun too 😀

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