Interesting Things from Japan – Part 4

One very common sight in Japan is the availability of Vending Machines. Almost every corner or a few minutes walk, you will definitely see at least one vending machine.

It is very common for Ramen restaurant / eating house to have a vending machine outside to take the customer order. All the customer has to do is to chose the Ramen, put in the money and the machine will produce a ticket for the order.  After which, the ticket is given to the chef or owner, and the Ramen will be served shortly.


Order Tickets ↓


There are also lots of vending machines for drinks, cigarettes etc along the streets, parks, etc.  We saw a whole stretch of these machines in one of the streets in Ginza.  Amazing!

And if you select a hot CAN of tea, it really produce a HOT can of tea.  I had never seen a vending machine here in Singapore which provide hot drinks in a can, usually they will dispense a cup of hot drink instead.


A close up on the cigarette vending machine ↓


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