Interesting things from Japan – Part 3

The toilets! I spent a good 15 mins to look at the toilet bowl when we first checked into Mercure Hotel!

Most of the toilet bowls in Japan has this “control panel” at the side (1st photo).  Yes, even the public toilets.

It allows you to wash your butt after the big business or for the women to keep clean after pee.

So after the big business, one can press on the “Shower” button.  A tube will be extended out and WARM water will be sprayed out from it (2nd & 3rd photo).

For the women, the button to press is “Bidet”.

Done with washing? Press the “Stop”  button!

The knob on side is for adjusting the strength of the water.

For the toilet seat in Mercure Hotel, the seat temperature can be adjusted.  Inside of sitting on an ice cold toilet seat (which can give you a shock), it is a thoughtful gesture from the Hotel to have this.




In the public toilets, at least 1 or all of the cubicles in the ladies’ toilets will have a baby seat (as shown in this picture ↓).  This is especially useful for mothers who are alone with their baby and need to answer to nature’s call.  I didn’t see such seats in Singapore’s toilets at all.  I still can remember I did not dare to go shopping with Dawn alone when she didn’t know how to walk yet as I was afraid that I can’t go toilet when I need to.  The toilets are too small to push the pram inside and I don’t feel safe putting her outside while I shut the door to do my business.


Can we have these in Singapore please?  If there is so much hype about trying to provide clean public toilets, please also look at what a first class toilet should be!

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