I Finally had it!

I had declared the things that I wanted to complete…long way back in Oct 2007.  If you don’t know what I am talking about, it probably mean you had missed that long-ago post.

And I finally did it in Aug 2009! 2 years leh! But that’s because I only get to go for lesson once a week or some of the weeks/months I could not go for any lessons at all!

It was tough.  Sacrificing my only sleep-in morning in the week, waking up the same time as the Mon-Fri, rushing back from the school to take care dawn, having to tahan the nags from the various instructor that my lessons once per week is not enough -.- etc

I probably end up not driving in my lifetime at all (like my mom), but well, it’s still something which I used to think that I can never get the licence.  It was a step for me and the promise which I had made to myself.

Though I didn’t get the licence in the 1st try (nor the 2nd! -.-), but I still can’t help but to tell myself, I made it! 🙂

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