I am so sleepy!

Dawn’s sleeping pattern took a big change lately. I still have no clues to why, except to think that she is nearing the age of taking lesser naps. She used to take her morning nap between 10:30am – 12:00pm and her afternoon nap between 3:30pm – 5:00pm. Now, she bearly sleeps for 2 hours for the whole day. Sometimes it is only 10 minutes during the afternoon nap. Can someone enlighten me? I am still an inexperienced mum!

Was out on Saturday with Dear & Dawn at Vivo City and was extremely thrilled that Dawn fell asleep at 4 pm when we were shopping. We took the opportunity to sit in our favourite cafe in Vivo and had our coffee. Really enjoy such peaceful moment and that we can spend time catching up with each other.It’s about 5:25pm when we thought that the nap time is sufficient for Dawn and we woke her up gently. However….watch the video!

After I stopped my recording, Dawn went back to do her doze-off motion again… What a sleepy day for Dawn.

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