Happy Valentine’s Day!

*Ring Ring* *Ring Ring*

“Hello, Hazel?”
“Florence here from Mail room, there’s a bouquet for you, can you please come and collect?”
“Huh? …. orh, okie.”


My hands were shaking when I waited for the lift. Who was that? Who sent me flowers? He? Can’t be what…he was saying things like Valentine’s day is just like any other days..


It’s a beautiful bouquet of 12 champagne roses! With a beautiful card…signed off by “your baby”.

For that very moment, I laughed. A laughter filled with sweetness and an urge to take a cab down to Tanglin to give Him a big hug!

It took me by surprise, left me with a sweet tingling feeling in my heart for the rest of the day…what more can I say?

Thanks baby! For this precious thought. I know it’s a lot of money spent, but I really cannot deny the fact that the flowers and your thought makes me really very happy. :p

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