Growing in my balcony – the beginning

I had a short stint in gardening when I was in primary school.  We had a small little garden beside the canteen where there were maizes, cai xin and a handful of little chicks in a corner.

I didn’t quite enjoy that experience – it was hot, sweaty and itchy. I had bad eczema when I was young and the sun was my greatest enemy.  My face was red after the sun, and the skin itched because of the heat and the poking from the leaves and grass.

I thought I will never touch or groom the greens ever again. I was so wrong.

I had my own roof a year ago and a great sunny balcony.  It looked pretty bare and wasted without the greens.

My first 3 pots were from my parents-in-law – Pandan Leaves, Curry Leaves & Pomegranate. My in-laws grew the plants to a good size before our shift, and when the plants moved into our new place, they are already easy to be taken care of. We now have our own supply of curry leaves and pandan whenever we need them for our home-cooked food.


Pandan Leaves




Curry Leaves

I bought a few packet of seeds, pots and soil and wanted to grow something from scratch by ourselves. It’s also a way to get the kids to do something on a weekend.


They prepared the pots with soil, wet the soil and sowed the seeds.

IMG_8975IMG_8968IMG_8981 IMG_8979 IMG_8978 IMG_8984

This is what we planted for a whole morning under the sun. There was Parsley, Lemon Balm, Chives, Tomatoes, Red Chilli, Sunflowers, Coriander & Lettuce

IMG_8991 IMG_8990 IMG_8987 IMG_8985 IMG_8992

And we waited…for days and weeks…




IMG_9308 IMG_9307 IMG_9306 IMG_9147 IMG_9146 IMG_9118  IMG_9101 IMG_9040

This is the beginning of our gardening journey. Though I don’t have 100% good results for all the seedlings which sprouted, it’s still fulfilling once a while to see some turn to bountiful pots or bloom flowers and fruit.

I will share on my successful pots the next round – sunflowers, red chilli and mint.

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