Getting ready for Junior 2 (Part 2)

With less than a month for the arrival, our preparations are quite on track (except for my work ><;).

  1. Bought 99% of the things we need (the 1% are things that we have not thought of yet :p),
  2. Took out all the things which we can recycle from Dawn’s baby days – checked and washed,
  3. Packed Junior 2 drawer with her washed clothes and things she needs,
  4. Trimmed my hair to last till hopefully after my confinement,
  5. Zap my bank book for application of the baby bonus (very important!)
  6. Submitted my maternity form required at work
  7. Most importantly, hospital bag packed!

This is my hospital bag.  This sweet pinkish bag was given by my 2nd sister before Dawn was due.  Used it for my hospital bag then, and I thought it’s nice to re-use again. It can contain alot of stuff!


There are still a couple of things not in yet, but they can only be packed in on that faithful day.

So what are the things to bring? Of ‘cos baby home-coming clothes + mittens + booties + a receiving blanket (can use a cloth nappy cloth instead):


My own home-coming clothes + the front button pajamas which I need to wear in the hospital for breast-feeding.

And the rest of the things such as disposable panties for pregnant mothers, pads (which I am using Sofy night pads instead of those loop pads), my faithful moisturiser, some sample packs of nipple cream (just in case of cracks after breastfeeding), some disposable breast pads… still lacking my facial stuff which can only be packed on the day.


I also drew a note and paste it at one of the prominent place to remind us of some other things which we still need to pack in before we head to the hospital, things such as gynea card, camera, phone charger etc

And the bag is now siting at the easy-reach place in case I need to leave soon…

Dear was still keeping his cool when I packed the stuff….until the last gynea visit we went last Tuesday where the gynea expressed concern that I had quite a number of contractions during the CTG check….. It was funny to hear him ask, the bag is ready? What else to pack? etc haha! 🙂

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