Duckie Pacifier – How to keep pacifier from falling out

Ever since the pacifier was introduced to Eva, we have alittle more peace than before. I was quite skeptical in giving her the pacifier for fear of many things, such as her teeth growth, the shape of her mouth/lips, hard to make her quit etc.  In addition, Dawn never had one and thus hope that Eva follows her Jie Jie.

But every child is different.  And Eva needs the pacifier for comfort sometimes.

I have since let the worries go; I chose peace.  Worries can come later – live one day at a time for this matter.

The pacifier can’t stick to Eva’s mouth and sometimes Dear had to get out of the bed every 3-5 mins to put the pacifier back to her mouth.  I google-d for help and it’s seems to be normal for most babies.  And in the market, there’s only 1 product that claims that it will help to stick the pacifier into the baby’s mouth.  And that’s WubbaNub Infant Pacifier.

It’s a pacifier that is attached to a small soft toy, the weight of the soft toy is supposed to help keep the pacifier in the baby’s mouth.  You get to chose the soft toy!

We chose the duckie one because it’s vibrant in colour plus it’s cute!


And here’s Eva with her duckie!


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