DOME @ Dempsey Hill

Had been bugging hubby to bring me to Dempsey Hill for meals…supposed-ly to be a romantic and filled with night life place.

He finally brought me, but with Dawn, so it’s not a romantic dinner but a family dinner 😀  The suggested place was DOME @ Dempsey Hill.

We reached at about 830pm + and it’s still filled with dinner crowd.  We walked in to find our own seats as no one served us for a moment.  The staff were all dashing here and there and it really seem to be a very busy evening for them.

Though busy, the staff were still having their smiles and attentive to our needs when we asked to have our orders taken. The drinks were served quickly and Dawn has a special take-away plastic cup for her warm water! This somehow makes me happy because you will not see such gesture in other place. Can you imagine that my heart always go beating faster every time Dawn picks up a glass to drink water in the various restaurants?


My Chamomile tea – which I hope that it calm me down and give me a better sleep …


The starter : Calamari~


Dear’s fish and chips, to be shared with Dawn.


My pasta!


Pretty decent food!

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