Arnold’s Fried Chicken

Read many many entries about this Arnold’s Fried Chicken (City Plaza) and most had gave good reviews about the yummy fried chicken. We decided to check it out!

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We ordered the meal which consist of 15 pieces of chicken, 5 drinks, 1 bowl of coleslaw, 1 bowl of whipped potato and 1 “packet” of fries.

Maybe it was the reviews which I had read and my expectations were set too high, I was rather disappointed with their fried chicken.  Or was there something wrong with the kitchen that day?  The chicken were tasteless (like not marinated meat), meat were too dry instead of juicy, and they are not at all crispy to me. Even though I agree that their chicken were not as oily as those in KFC, I still prefer KFC’s chicken 😡

However, the coleslaw in Arnold’s is so much better than those in KFC.  They are so finely chopped and they do not have the vege raw taste and smell, which the coleslaw in KFC has that.

And the meal that we ordered was way too expensive as compared to what we can get from KFC and the quantity for coleslaw, fries and whipped is too little to share among 5 people.  吃得不够爽啦!

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