An Invitation to The City

We received an invitation from The City via email. Since I need to clear my annual leave, it’s a good time to bring Dawn out for some fun!


The City is an indoor play area, where the concept seem to be a little different from the other indoor playgrounds. It is located at Liang Court, #03-04A.


It markets itself as an Interactive Learning Playground, where children can role-play and pretend play in realistic environment.


When we enter, Dawn immediately ran to the Supermarket Station.


First grab a trolley…


Then some groceries….


And then to the cashier…


The children find these very amusing and they can go round and round doing the same thing…and it seem like most children like to be either the cashier or the customer, and none wants to be the storekeeper. Without the storekeeper, the cashiers’ counters are filled with “unwanted” items most of the time.


Next, Dawn wanted to be a teacher! And teacher will usually start writing the date on the left side of the whiteboard before starting the lessons.



She started to teach the alphabets…


But there are no students! 😀


How about the postman’s role? Hmm, alittle boring for Dawn though…




The Nursery is another popular station.  There were alot of children and Dawn had to wait for her turn. I think most girls of her age likes to play with dolls!



She brought the doll to next door and became the doctor~


IMG_3850  IMG_3853

The Cafe is also another popular station where both boys and girls will squeeze inside the island. Dawn looks like a Junior Chef with the uniform!


IMG_3859 IMG_3854

Next the different roles such as Policeman, Fireman etc…

IMG_3840IMG_3867 IMG_3863

IMG_3881 IMG_3876 IMG_3883

There is also a Super Hero corner, and there is a rack of clothes for children to change to their favorite character.

IMG_3885 IMG_3872

But I think Dawn had the most fun with this kart…

IMG_3861 IMG_3862

It was indeed a fun place for children to have some pretend play.

Disclosure : An invitation from The City. All opinions are my own.

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