A Long Hiatus

Year 2014.  A year that started with much anxiety, adjustments, settling down and getting used to.

It was the year which Dawn entered Primary One, we got the keys to our own house after a long wait of 3+ years, the leaving of a very good boss, settling down with new schedules & priorities.

A tedious start of the year with daily early morning commute to the primary school, and rushing over from town back to school during lunch to fetch her. In the midst, chasing for house keys, house defects rectification and then the renovators to complete the work. We could hardly have much time to breath, hard.

It was indeed a long hiatus from penning down my musings and it felt like something was robbed away from me.

The year ended in a much better note than how we started it. Much peace, much stability and comfortable zone. It’s time to re-focus on the things I want to do. Looking forward to a bountiful 2015!

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