Paid Surveys – 6 Legitimate Survey Sites that pay you for your opinions in Singapore

I don’t like to idle. I don’t quite like the idea of spending my precious time doing nothing, or feeling bored.

So when I have some pockets of time available, I will participate in online surveys to earn points which I can accumulate to redeem shopping vouchers or extra cash!

Here’s some of the sites which you can participate, and I personally tested and redeemed vouchers or cash from!

1. Your Voice

Amazon Gift Card, Vouchers from NTUC, Waston, Robinson, Takashimaya etc. Points do not expire.

The redemption vouchers reached me in an amazing speed – within a few days!

Your Voice vouchers

2. AIP Online Surveys

Redeem for NTUC Vouchers. EPoints will expire after 1 year from the last date you logged in to your “My Page”.


3. Your Say

Minimum draw out amount via Paypal is $12.50USD, there’s a 2% handling charge and thus payment is $12.25 USD. Almost immediate deposit of the redemption amount into Paypal!

Paypal Your Say payment

4. My Survey

Points expire 2 years from the date of last member activity (eg, logging in, completing survey etc). Redeem cash paid via Paypal or various shopping vouchers. Take note that they do not allow logging in the site doing surveys while you are overseas and they will suspend account if you do that – for reason(s) which I don’t know why? My account was suspended once as I might had logged in while in overseas (Ops, holiday also cannot stand having idle time).

My redemption for Paypal cash took about 1.5 weeks to receive.

Mysurveypaypal payment

5. Plus! Online Panel

If you are a Plus! cardholder, you are already part of this programme.

Earn LinkPoints which you can accumulate to redeem NTUC vouchers or offset NTUC partial purchase amount.

Best part : if you do not belong to the target audience whom they are looking for, you will still get 30 points most of the time by just clicking on the survey link!

6. Toluna

Earn points for shopping vouchers! Points earned will remain valid for 16 months, so remember to redeem the points! Exchange points for NTUC vouchers, or direct cash into PayPal account.  It takes 4-6 weeks to process the payment.  I applied it on 01 Sep, and only got the payment on 09 Oct.



There you have it, the 6 legitimate sites which you can earn a little extra.  I have received cash/vouchers amount near to $300 from these survey sites ever since I started. It’s not a big sum if we look at the length of time that we need to accumulate to this amount. However, it is that extra way to change idle time to something useful for myself.


  1. Survey Advice says:

    As you know, there are lot of scam survey sites online and many more keep coming. Some may decide to pay you once and scam you once they realized you have trusted them. To avoid scam and join legitimate survey sites, you must:

    1. Not pay to join. Any survey site that asks you to pay before joining is a big scam. Paid survey is free everywhere.

    2. Research about a particular site before join. Just google the “name of site + Scam” and you will be able to read all people are saying about the site. If there are lots of complaints,that shows they are not sincere, pls, stay away.

    3. Search for their payment proof online. Using Google image search and Search for eg, “Cashcrate scam” and it will bring you all their payment proofs if there is. If not, stay away.

    4. Make sure you read their term of services before joining to avoid making any mistake that might cost you your hard earn money.

    Hope this helps. Wish you all the best.

  2. Fenris says:

    I join mainly Toluna and Aip, but aip really delayed so long just to pay me small amount recently. I have quit. now i click on yourvoice, it is shutting down and is linked to opinionworld.
    Opinionworld did not give me anything at all

    Globaltestmarket is scammer. Refused to pay members before— luckily i redeemed before that happened!

    • BZMOMMY says:

      Hi Fenris, so far AIP still works fine for me, infact, both Toluna and AIP has the most surveys available. 🙂
      I am surprise about Globaltestmarket! I didn’t like that they give “sweepstakes” instead of points/cash so I had not participate in their surveys much.

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