2 months and still going

Yup, 2 months and still going!

This was taken on 21 May 11 — 3 and a half packets of expressed milk + 2 bottles of ready-feed inside the fridge.


Today, it’s 5 packets of expressed milk plus 6 bottles of ready-feed inside the fridge.

I am only human…I don’t quite like the inconvenience that had caused me – must watch diet, must watch the time (to pump), must spend 1o mins to wipe the bottles & pump dry to prepare for feeds, must bring the pump and Fridge-to-go along for long away-from-home trips, must warm the milk when Eva is crying loudly for milk, must watch for leaking breasts, etc etc…

But I know the importance of breast milk for babies.  And of course the $$ that we can save on.

I have since reduce the number of pumps I do each day, to get ready to go back to work. But I am in such dilemma sometimes.  I have quite  a good supply this time (as compared to Dawn’s time), but yet I can’t reach an agreement with the inconvenience that was caused.  Haiz…

For now, I just express whatever there is and until the time the body tell itself to stop producing…

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